Market Gardens &Edible Growers.

Munash Organics started on our own organic farm growing vegetables for the Melbourne Market. Hand on heart, we know what minerals can do for food production. We can assist market gardens, restaurant gardens, edible growers, and truffle growers by enhancing soil quality, improving yields, promoting sustainable practices, and ultimately, contributing to the production of high-quality, flavourful crops.

Balanced soil mineral content can lead to healthier, more resilient plants. Strong, well-nourished plants are better equipped to resist diseases and pests, reducing the need for chemical intervention.

At the heart of everything we do at Munash Organics, we love to share and connect. Reach out to us to see how we can help you grow food, simply and working organically with nature.

  • Munash Organics' products are like magic for truffle growers. Truffle farming needs just the right soil, and our soil boosters can make it happen. This could mean more and better truffles.

    In Australia, truffle growers often use mineral-rich soils and lime. Combining Munash Minerals with Lime recreates volcanic soil, which is like a truffle paradise. It gets more truffles and activates the lime, making fantastic truffles.

    Lime can help fix calcium shortages, and if you want a quick boost, adding Munash Eco-Min to the lime is the trick.

    Acidic soil is bad news for plants and truffles. You need lots of minerals in the soil and healthy microbes to make truffles happy. Acidic soil interferes with roots and how plants get nutrients. So, keeping the soil happy is the key to thriving truffles!

  • We get it – you want top-notch, delicious produce! We're here to make your crops taste amazing and pack a punch full of nutrition.

    Fruits and veggies are like nutrient superheroes, loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fibre that keep us healthy. To make sure your crops are supercharged with these goodies, we make sure the soil gets a big hug of minerals and nutrients.

  • Want amazing garlic? Grow it with Munash Organics! We've got your back with all the nutrients and minerals your garlic needs to be super healthy and taste fantastic.

    We're like garlic gurus! We'll help you with everything, from getting your soil in tip-top shape, planting your seeds, taking care of your garlic, and even when to harvest and store it. We're your garlic-growing buddies!

  • For happy berry plants, you need soil that's like a nutrient buffet! This kind of soil gives them strong roots, sturdy stems, and lush leaves.

    And guess what? The more nutrients in the soil, the more yummy berries you get. Things like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are berry boosters. Our products are your berry-growing sidekicks every step of the way.

  • Soil that's in great shape grows strong, happy plants. When the soil is loaded with nutrients, plants can fend off diseases and pests all by themselves, so you don't need to use chemicals. Plus, your crops turn into nutrition powerhouses.

    Now, speaking of minerals, they're like the superheroes of our bodies. They keep our bones strong, our blood pressure in check, and our muscles in top form. Fruits and veggies have loads of these minerals, but the soil has to be packed with them so the plants can devour them up and become nutrient-packed. It's like plant vitamins from the earth!