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At Munash Organics, we understand that healthy turf starts from the ground up. Whether you're managing a golf course, sports field, or any turf area, we offer tailored solutions to address specific soil challenges. Our team works closely with you to understand your unique requirements and develop a customised soil management plan.

With Munash Organics you can expect exceptional support and guidance every step of the way. From soil testing and analysis to product recommendations and application strategies, we are here to ensure that your soil is nurtured for long-term vitality.

We believe in sustainable practices that preserve soil health while reducing chemical inputs. Our products are made using natural and organic ingredients sourced from across Australia. They are free from harmful chemicals, promoting a safe and environmentally friendly approach to turf management.

  • Eco-Min is designed to improve soil health over the long term. By enhancing soil structure, nutrient availability, and pH balance, it can lead to sustainable and healthy turf conditions, reducing the need for frequent and costly renovations.

    A well-maintained golf course with healthy turf can enhance the overall golfing experience

  • Eco-Min assists the turf to improve quality following extreme weather conditions. Eco-Min makes the sporting surface safer and playable due to thickness of grasses becoming more soft and porous. Eco-Min also reduces muddy conditions by creating larger root systems underneath creating more consistency of the turf and aiding in better drainage.

  • A healthy lawn with well-nourished turf will have a better appearance. Eco-Min can help achieve a greener, denser, and more vibrant lawn.

We couldn’t be happier with the remarkable transformation we’ve witnesses in our golf course ever since we incorporated Munash Organics products
— Skipton Golf Club