In Australia, research has been conducted using scientific research and or grower trials with the following results:

Broad-Acre Farmers: Research and ongoing use has shown Eco-Min has helped broad-acre farmers to improve soil structure, resolve issues relating to dryland salinity and soil acidification, increase water retention, provide crops with better germination, and to balance high/low elements in the soil. We have also assisted in establishing quality end even growth patterns in crops.

Dairy Farmers: Research and ongoing use of Eco-Min has shown improved grazing including quality of feed, milk, animal health, and resource management. Eco-min has been proven to improve the health of the herd, produce a healthier pasture, improve milk quality and quantity, and reduce disease in the herds.

Grazing Farmers: Research and ongoing use has shown that Eco-Min creates better quality feed; improving parasite control, increasing production and being able to turn stock over more quickly.

Vegetable Farmers: Research and ongoing use has show that Eco-Min creates better water quality, which is paramount and essential for vegetable growing. Eco-Min also helps to achieve better nutrition and quality of the vegetables, with fewer pests and diseases whilst achieving improved production. Eco-Min increases food density and taste quality.

Parks and Gardens: Eco-Min has shown to improve and thicken grasses/turf and improve the health of the soil and plants. Eco-Min has enabled fruit trees and flowers to reduce pests and diseases and become more tolerant to climatic changing conditions like frosts.

Golf Ranges and Sporting Greens: Eco-Min assists the turf to improve quality following extreme weather conditions. Eco-Min makes the sporting surface safer and playable due to thickness of grasses becoming more soft and porous. Eco-Min also reduces muddy conditions by creating larger root systems underneath, creating more consistency of the turf and aiding in better drainage.

General Results: In addition to the above research it has also been proven that Eco-Min is non-leaching, assists the sequestration of carbon in the soil, mobilises phosphorous, increases cation exchange, increases water holding capacity, and increases mycorrhizal colonisation on roots

  • Increased soil mineralisation

  • Repel insects, pests and disease

  • Plants become more resistant to climatic cycles of heat, frost and drought conditions

  • Increased natural soil carbon

  • Soil moisture conserved up to 30%

  • Yield increase up to 10 – 15% within first 12 months


Scientific Testing on Eco-Min.

Australian National University:

We have currently partnered with the Australian National University to conduct testing on our Rockmineral Eco-Min product with Wolfram Buss and Justin Borevitz Professor, Research School of Biology.

The results from our testing:

1. Boost plant carbon capture and soil storage

2. Stabilisation of soil organic matter with rock dust


  • Key result was that the rock dust application stabilised soil carbon in sandy soils and hence reduced CO2 emissions.

  • Higher soil organic carbon content in soils with basalt addition

What do these Results mean for you?

Soil organic carbon (SOC) levels are directly related to the amount of organic matter contained in soil and SOC is often how organic matter is measured in soils. The higher soil organic matter levels found in the organic systems cause the soil to retain more water that results in better crop yields during droughts.

Higher soil organic matter levels cause greater soil nitrogen retention, greater microbial biodiversity, and promote the presence and growth of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi that penetrate the roots of crops and facilitate the movement of plant nutrients from the soil into the crop plants resulting in better crop growth.


Consider a trial at your place?

We're absolutely crazy about data and science, and we're on a mission to dazzle you with mind-blowing results! We're constantly on the prowl for fellow enthusiasts who share our passion and are itching to join forces with us as we dive deeper into the incredible world of Rock Minerals and Mineral Liquid Fertilisers.

Our grand adventure aims to save the planet from excess carbon, supercharge fertility, and teach farmers, growers, gardeners and indoor plant lovers the secret sauce for growing organic goodness with ease. So come join the fun and let's make the world a greener, healthier, and more exciting place! Reach out on how we can partner with you to do in-house trials on your site.

We had a client put Munash Eco-Min on one half of his crop and leave the other side untreated. The Eco-Min treated crop (pictured here on the left) was greener, thicker, the soil was more pliable and retained water.

"The paddock on the left had 3 in 1 put on 3 weeks before your guys spread my place. The difference is chalk and cheese. You've really got to see it to believe the difference."

What People Are Saying :

  • We couldn’t be happier with the remarkable transformation we’ve witnessed in our golf course ever since we incorporated Munash Organics products at Skipton Golf Club.

    Eco-Min and Renew are two exceptional products which have made an undeniable difference in the health and the appearance of our tee boxes, greens, and surrounding areas. For many years we have struggled with the impacts of extreme weather, drought and floods and managing the course has been very difficult. Great to have an extra help.

    Our tee boxes and greens have become vibrant, resilient, and healthy. We find their products easy to use as they seamlessly integrate into our existing schedule saving us time and effort. The application is straightforward and is delivering great results.

    We like that the products are organic and made locally in Ballarat. We wholeheartedly recommend these products to any turf manager or golf course enthusiast looking to elevate their greens to new heights. Thank you, Munash Organics, for helping us to achieve a healthier and greener golf course

  • Dunnstown Football Club contacted Munash to assist with the recovery of the oval after extreme heat conditions made sporting ovals in the area less playable and less safe. Munash began treating the oval in July 2008 with Eco-Min and Munash Balance. The oval turf is now thicker without having to apply any new seed or turf to the oval and has fewer weeds.

    “We approached Munash as we had patchy areas of grass cover on the oval and even with the annual pruning, the weeds were getting through all the time. Also, through the winter patchy parts of the oval would break up and get muddy. We used Eco-Min and Munash Balance. Now we have a really good cover - it doesn’t get muddy and it holds well. In terms of grass and weeds, it’s never had so much grass and never had so few weeds. With how the ground has come up we’ve been able to offer it up for the footy finals as part of the Central Highlands Football League. We’ve had lots of different people outside of the club who say how good the ground is. Two other clubs have approached us to ask us about what we have done to the oval. I’d absolutely recommend Munash products and services to other sporting clubs .

  • Ben and Wendy Mayne consider the health and quality of their soils and pastures to be of paramount importance. Operating with the belief that their soils have direct impact on the general health, fertility and production cycle of their cattle, they have transitioned from a traditional (synthetic) based fertiliser system to a regime of natural mineral fertilisers from Munash Organics Eco-Min and Balance.

    The cattle were the first to show the benefit of the quality product, displaying an increase in their general health, attitude and attitude fitness. Weight gains increased, their coats bloomed and the cattle just seemed more content.

    Our confidence really soared in a few weeks after the first good rains when the tropical grasses started changing from a spindly, uninviting, dull looking colour to a deep, rich vibrant colour with healthy erect stems and wider leaves.

    The ecology of the soils is obviously changing to a more balanced, softer environment where the microbial activity is working better, thus pasture quality is improving and the herd’s health and performance are increasing.

  • Located in East Gippsland at Swan Reach*, Wayne Cunningham and his family own and work a 250-hectare certified organic dairy farm. They have been using Munash Organics Eco-Min plus other Munash products strictly now for an impressive twenty years. First introduced to it via his father when he ran the farm, the knowledge and expertise plus continual use of Munash products was handed over to him as his Dad aged – now having less to do with the daily running of their property.

    Over those decades Wayne said he has experienced a very noticeable increase in his milk production volume regarding litres per cow. “It has increased from 4,000 – 5,000 litres some years back to now up to 8,000 liters. We consider it a very good investment to make using the Munash products, as we are getting very good money per milk litre returns.”

    “Using Munash products has meant we are able to provide the full spectrum for microbes for our soil which drives much better plant growth than without it. We couldn’t be happier. The results have spoken for themselves. The important factor is that given we have been in serious drought for years, using Munash for long term, has meant that it enables water retention like never before. A very important factor of why we continue to use it.”

  • I use Munash Eco-Min on my pastures and I’m growing oat crops with no chemical fertilisers at all. I also use Munash Stock Booster on my stock, either as a drench or in their water troughs. My stock are looking healthier, with a lot less trouble during lambing season and less stress for me also.

    This year, during lambing, my maiden merino ewes lambed easily without me having to assist in any births. The phalaris has come back in abundance, naturally and the best thing of all is that there are no more cockchafers or other pests.

  • It is two years since I have been regularly putting Munash Organics rock minerals on my land and trees and garden and I cant believe the results!!! It is absolutely incredible- so much so that all my neighbours and people who drive by my orchard (it is on a visible main road in the countryside) stop and ask me what have I one to gain such dramatic changes. It is absolutely incredible

    I tell everyone about rockdust so much so that we all laugh that "I am the rock dust girl. Even sick and distressed trees because the have been moved came good with rock dust. I have had to not even put any barriers or chemicals on any fruit trees now as they can fend for themselves and are healthy.

  • Thank you so much for the years of experience & your help/advice over the years we have seen the farm go from a worn down horse paddock to the lush & fertile biodiversity field. Soil is the foundation & it is getting better with every year!