Use us in your product.

Eco-Min from Munash Organics can be incorporated into other people's products like compost, potting mix, soil, and worm feed in various ways to enhance the quality and effectiveness of these products.

When incorporating Eco-Min into your products, it's essential to consider the specific application rates and guidelines provided by Munash Organics to ensure optimal benefits. Proper mixing and distribution are key to achieving the desired results.

Additionally, using Eco-Min in these applications aligns with a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to soil and plant care, reducing the reliance on synthetic chemicals and fertilisers while promoting natural soil health and plant growth.

  • You can jazz up your compost with Eco-Min! It brings in all those important minerals and tiny elements, making your compost extra powerful. This supercharged compost becomes a fantastic soil booster and organic fertilier. Use it to level up your soil quality and delight your customers.

  • When included in potting mixes, Eco-Min can improve the growing environment for potted plants. It helps enhance soil structure, nutrient availability, and pH balance in the mix. This results in healthier and more vibrant plants, making it a valuable component for nurseries and home gardeners.

  • Eco-Min can be incorporated into garden soil to enhance its quality. It provides essential minerals, improves soil structure, and helps maintain the right pH levels. It's especially useful for gardens with nutrient-deficient or poor-quality soil, helping to rejuvenate and enrich the growing medium for better plant growth.

  • You can team up Eco-Min with agricultural products like fertilisers and soil boosters. When you mix it in, it gives them a boost in nutrients and soil-fixing powers, making them even better.