Discover the Hidden Power of Rock Minerals for Optimal Soil Health and Plant Growth!

Our Philosophy is to simplify growing with a natural, sustainable and a holistic approach.

Unleash the Potential of Your Soil with our Rock Mineral Products.

Exceptional Quality: Our rock minerals are carefully sourced and processed to ensure consistent, premium quality. We prioritise purity, highest mineral content, and optimal particle size for maximum efficacy.

Certified Organic: All of our products are certified organic. Our rock mineral products are mined directly from natural sources, ensuring they are free from synthetic chemicals or harmful residues. You can rest easy, knowing that your plants and soils remain pure and safe.

Scientifically Backed: Our products are backed by extensive research and development. We work closely with soil scientists and horticultural experts to formulate potent blends that deliver remarkable results.

Long-Term Soil Health: Unlike quick-fix solutions, rock minerals establish a long-lasting foundation for your soil's health. By replenishing vital mineral reserves, you reduce the need for frequent fertilisation, ultimately saving resources and reducing environmental impact

Easy to Use: Applying Munash Organics' Rock Minerals is simple and user-friendly. Whether you are an experienced gardener or a novice enthusiast, our products are designed to seamlessly integrate into your gardening routine.

Soil Carbon: Eco-Min has been scientifically proven to store soil carbon in your soil which produces higher levels of organic matter. Greater soil nitrogen retention, microbial diversity increases which assists greater root development resulting in better plant/crop growth.


  • We believe that remineralisation of soil is required to rebuild the health of the earth for our future generations. If our earth’s soils aren’t in balance everything else suffers – the grass that grows, the animals that eat the grass, the crops and produce that rise from the soil, and us - humans! The future of human life depends on the life of our soil and in particular the minerals which feed the soil.

    Balancing the soil is to supply soil and plants with a balanced and complete source of essential elements. Soil, plants, and animals require elements in specific proportions, not simply in specific quantities. Mineral nutrients must be supplied at certain ratios to create a harmonious balance.

    When we eat food grown on depleted soil we too, like the plants, lose our natural resistance to disease. All the degenerative diseases have been on the rise in Australia in recent decades with direct links back to deficiency of minerals in our food is due to mineral depletion of soils.

  • You will see benefits within the first year of using our natural rockmineral products in which you will notice increased yields, sturdier growth, healthier plants, and greater water holding capacity.

    If you commit to the long term you will gain optimised results of balanced soils, supreme soil fertility, carbon stored in the soil naturally, and a sustainable future.

    Applying our rockmineral natural fertilisers with our biological liquids will give you a greater advantage in reducing carbon.

  • Microbes in the soil draw the minerals from Munash Rockminerals and carry these micro-nutrients to the feeder roots of the plant. Small particles of Munash Rockminerals are readily available to the plant for uptake through the microbes and the larger particles act as a slow release fertiliser. Rockminerals balance the mineral levels in the soil unlocking them and making them all available to the plant naturally. Increased mineral uptake helps raise sugar levels, improves plant vigour, increases yields, and enhances natural disease resistant capabilities of plants.

  • Yes and our products have been scientifically proven to work in all types of soils. Munash Organics Rock Minerals have amphoteric tendencies which means it is a compound which can contain both acidic and basic functional groups, therefore Rockdust is capable of reacting chemically either as an acid or a base making it suitable in saline, acid, neutral or alkaline soils.

  • Insects and disease are the symptoms of unbalanced soils lacking minerals, not the cause of it. Plants grown in remineralised soil are so resilient they need little to no pesticides, herbicides or any other chemical products. Pests like to munch on plants which are low in energy and have low sugar levels. Pests are known in the soil world as garbage collectors gathering sick and dying plants.

    To control pests naturally overtime, all you need to do is increase the sugar and mineral content in the plants. Concentrate on improving plant structure and balancing soils rather that killing pests, as the bugs literally can’t eat high energy plants.

    Add Rockminerals to your soil and watch those annoying pests decrease whilst your plants will thrive becoming more robust towards yucky things like disease.

  • A little goes a long way, so use Munash rock minerals sparingly and remember that twice as much isn't necessarily twice as good. At the same time note that it will never burn your plants, nor leach out the soil, even at overdose levels. It is unlike regular water soluble fertilisers, so conventional thinking doesn't apply. The longer rock minerals are in the soil, the more the fungi & micro-organisms will have a chance to assimilate it and make it biologically available.

    There are numerous other elements beyond the major NPK that mainstream science now accepts as necessary for healthy plants. Munash rock minerals have an abundance of minerals and trace elements which are needed by specialised soil microbes which fulfil specific functions to create soil and fertility, such as synthesizing certain enzymes, vitamins, antibiotics, or other critical bio-molecules.

    Conventional agriculture shortcut the microbial feeding chain, by using synthetic fertilisers and chemicals to supply nutrients as soluble salts which are directly absorbed by the plant roots.

    But we now know many bacteria and fungi actually pump nutrients into roots around ten times faster than soluble salts are absorbed. In return, microbes receive sugars and other carbon compounds secreted by plant roots.