Renew is a natural mineral liquid foliar fertiliser. It has been developed from natural ingredients derived from the sea to help build healthy, balanced, and fertile plants. It also plays an active soil rejuvenator role working together with Eco-Min to promote long term sustainable fertility, improving uptake of vital nutrients, resulting in better growth.

  • Renew is full of minerals and the plants absorb these minerals as nutrients very quickly. When Renew is used on your garden, fruit and vegetables which contain any in-organic salts will immediately turn them into highly usable trace minerals, which can then be easily absorbed by the human body. That’s why Renew is the optimum plant food.

    Renew enables plant and root growth to increase. The underground ecosystem is also significantly enhanced. There is more life underground than there is above ground. One very significant component of this biomass is mycorrhizal fungi. Renew increases the mass of mycorrhizal fungi in the soil. These fungi feed plants by dissolving minerals in the soil and helping to transport these minerals to the plants they are attached to.

    Plant roots alone are sometimes incapable of taking up some ions, such as phosphate ions, which are deminerialised in highly polarised soil pH’s. The mycelium of the mycorrhizal fungus can however access the phosphate sources and make them available to the plants they are attached to.

    This is why we recommend using Eco-Min on the soil first to get the minerals into the soil through a process called remineralisation. Having a balanced source of minerals in your soil is the first step. Spraying Renew on your plant then starts to activate the fungi to do their job of processing the minerals from Eco-Min faster and making them available to the plants that the fungi is attached to. To get true optimal soil and plant health, use Eco-Min and Renew together. Renew is absorbed by the roots and the leaves of the plants.

  • 250mls / ha diluted in 100 litres of water

    100mls / ac diluted in 40 litres of water

    1 cap Renew per Watering Can for your garden.

    Apply directly to foliage, and soil at planting and then once a month


Benefits of using Renew:

  • It is an economical way of supplying plants with trace elements as the nutrients are absorbed in a short time

  • Many of the natural growth factors are absorbed

  • Replenishes depleted elements

  • Creates amazing fertile soil and massive root systems

  • Kick starts micro-organisms

  • Is a top source of food for your plants

  • Improves soil structure and plant growth

  • Supports the slow release of minerals

  • Balances excessive amounts of elements

  • Improves the environment and creates sustainable living